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New Truck

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Well last Friday we picked up the new 1500 crew cab Silverado


ARE cap was transferred over to new truck and it looks really nice. Dealer needed to wire in third tail light and the took some time.


So far we have put around 100 miles on the truck




Very Quiet ride

Seats feel pretty good

Drive around town and short ride on freeway show good handling and pickup

Rear view camera is nice, looking forward to backing the boat up to the launch in Spring

Storage on the LT with split front bench seat is good.

Like the easy down and up tail gate




NONE yet.



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Congrats on the new truck....had mine about 10 days....love it...no problems 17+ mpg with 300 miles, 90% city driving....I am happy.

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Glad you like it. Now delete this site from your favorites and never return,lest you read all the posts and turn into one big paranoid mess waiting for all the things to happen to you.:>)

YUP.... like ALL forums, there can be a high list of problems, compared to a lower list of positive posts. Yet the positive attributes far outdoes the negative. This truck is simply incredible and so far, is the best of all the trucks I have had in the past few decades (I'm 65).


It is a shame it is a V-8 truck with high teen, low twenties gas mileage, as opposed to dinky car with 30-40s mileage. I say that because I keep searching for excuses to drive it.

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Have just got our new truck on the 31st, its a great feeling. Enjoy it it to the max and share a few pics with us.


He has a pic in his sig, just doesnt show up for us phone users on tapatalk

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