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homelink on snow plow prep?

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(SNIP) see post 24 & 31




The wires that switch connects to are up in the headliner. I have found them two different ways over the years. Either pull out the third brake light/cargo light in the back of the cab and fish around with a coat hanger or take the trim off the inside of the A pillar on the driver side and reach up inside the headliner and you should find it all coiled up. If memory serves me the colors are brown and black.

thought I remember reading that they are just above the headliner and I think that has to come down I think here is what I found in the online handbook


When the wiring is connected to an
auxiliary roof-mounted lamp,
pressing the bottom of the button
will activate the lamp and illuminate
an indicator light at the bottom of
this button. Pressing the top of the
button will turn off the roof-mounted
lamp and indicator.
The emergency roof lamp circuit is
fused at 30 amps, so the total
current draw of the attached lamps
should be less than this value. The
attachment points for the roof lamp
circuits are two blunt cut wires
above the overhead console: a dark
green with blue stripe switched
power wire and a black ground wire.
For information on roof-mounted
emergency lamp installation, see
www.gmupfitter.com or contact your
If the vehicle has this button, the
vehicle may have the snow plow
prep package. See Add-On
Electrical Equipment on page 9-100.

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that just explains where the wires are and what they do. I think OP was wanting to know if this overhead stuff could be replaced by the home link option which has the garage door opener and other stuff as part of the package. I am in the same boat, I have the snow plow prep package but could give a rip about some stupid switch to control a light bar or strobe up on top. For me, that switch up there is a total waste of space. I have to use a third party remote for the garage.

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