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What's a good sub for non Bose?

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The one problem with just adding a sub to the stock system is all the booomy bass (actually mid-bass)that you will still get from the factory speakers / factory amp combo. I went a little different route, added an ALPINE 445U in-line 45x4 amp. Stock front speakers are now crossed over at 120hz (crossover built into amp), rear channel is driving two Earthquake 8" shallow mount subs mounted in rear doors. Run the subs as a full range woofer driver set up with 60hz HPF, then add bass back in as desired for music type at the HU. System sounds as good as any system I've ever had in a vehicle that had a lot more $$$$ in it. 8's did require cutting into the inner door skins and modifying the door panels slightly. 8's in the doors aren't for the owner that wants to rattle other peoples windows, you could, these get pretty loud even with lower power, but you'd have a hard time controlling the rattles/buzzing in the doors. But for good clean added bass at reasonable listening levels, it works.


Earthquake also has a 6.5" sub that would probably drop right in.



Here's a link to install of the 8" subs. When this was written, I was running the front stock speakers with 80hz HPF, have since moved it up to the 120hz HPF. I've tried the front stock speakers at 60hz, 80hz and 120hz. Each move higher progressively cleaned up the front sound stage. Until I replace the stock front speakers, these will get ran with the 120hz HPF. Tone controls on the head unit are now set to treble +2, mids flat, bass +2.


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I liked my 2 10" kappa perfects I ran in my '01. Boxes fit under the seat in that extended cab. I haven't looked at the new trucks rear floors though. I wish my 06 didn't have bose, I miss the system I put in my 01. Sound, like a lot of things is subjective.

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