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Front differential diffrance from 00-11

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First off this sight is amazing for information. Has helped me out a few times.

I have a 2008 Chev Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0l in it. I has a 6" lift and sitting on 35". I got it off a buddy after my wife wrought off my 2013 1500 crew cab.

My issue is I just had the shift fork for the front diff decide It wanted to travel the words and not be caged in. So it made a nice escape hole in my housing and went for a walk on me well i was going 80 down the road. Made a nice mess and some fun noise to say good by as well.

Any way I need a new front diff but I am having a hard time finding a diff for the 2007-2014 body style. From what i can tell the 2001-2010 front diff's are the same. I have the 9.25" with 3.73 gear. I can find older ones i just want to know if it will fit??

Any One have a defiant answer??

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