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Which Lawn/Garden Tractor To Buy?

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Personally, I've had good experiences with Craftsman and Husqvarna lawn tractors, they're reliable and well-priced. The Husqvarna LGT2654 you mentioned sounds like a solid choice, with 26 HP and a price tag under $2k, it ticks all the boxes. That being said, you should also check out John Deere, Kubota and MTD.

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My mower is still going now at 8 years old as mentioned when this thread was started. As is the one this one replaced at 22 years old now. There was a little mishap 2 years ago. I ran over a stick it took out the little cooling fan the cools the transmission. I didn’t think much about it until it quit moving very good and got noisy. So I rinsed it with the garden hose and finished. Now I just break it in thirds. I may just get this one refurbished it was the last one I could find with a handle instead of a ft hydrostatic drive. I usually wear out the deck mowing damp in the morning. I don’t do dust. I probably should give it an oil change this year its second. I got it in 2015. It’s still clean on the stick. Another benefit of mowing wet. I’ll think on that.

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Lots of good points and I agree the newer lawn tractors are cheap and won't last too long. I came across this 1992 Diesel powered Kubota a few years ago and swapped it for a Golf Cart my kids were no longer riding. It has a 3 cylinder 18 hp engine. I use it as a backup for my 20-year-old Exmark ZTR and for yard work. If you can find on in good shape, they are a great value as when new they were like 7K but the Zero Turn has devalued them due to their overall grass cutting speed and performance. But if looking for a lawn tractor these are hard to beat.....and I know old post but springtime and people may be interested in the yearly Grass cutting debates


XB 2002



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