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Sylvania Cube-X Winner Rocks Out His New LED Lights

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Zane Merva

Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



As the few remaining snow piles melted away last spring, we wrote about our impressions installing the latest LED lights from Sylvania. The Cube-X and the company's new parabolic LED spot light bars.


A few weeks later, we gave away a set of Cube X's to one lucky forum member, @Veee24


This summer RJ ( @Veee24) installed his new Cube-X lights and sent us an update. We asked him how he liked the lights and how the install went. He told us:



The installation was pretty simple for me because I already had 2 other lights wired up that I tied the cube-x lights to. I wired the accent lights independently to their own switch then tied the spotlights to the existing lights... Making for a very bright view! Once I had the location it was just a matter of drilling one hole each. I love the look of the accent lights. They are bright enough to get other drivers' attention but not too bright to blind them. The spotlights can be easily repositioned at different angles and they go a good distance out in front of the truck. My only wish is that the directions would show how to wire them with a relay, fuse, and switch. You can buy kits but it would be nice if the lights came with what they need... Especially being LED. Over all I love the lights and would recommend them to anyone looking for something a little different from everyone else.

Thank you again Zane, GM-Trucks.com, and to Sylvania!



We think the end result is pretty amazing. RJ's sick 1997 Chevy Silverado. Check out the photos above and below and let us know what you think about RJs ride and his Sylvania Cube-X LED lights. 


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      Quick how to and review of the Cab Over America wireless cab lights.
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      The parts: For just under $400 you get a set of 5 battery powered wireless cab lights.  Each light consists of 4 parts; the aluminum mounting plate, rubber gasket, LED/PV panel module, and the top lens.  The top lenses can be had in clear, amber or smoke.  In our case, we went with smoke. 

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