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A few weeks ago when driving on the highway the check engine light came on for maybe 5-10 seconds and then shut off. I headed towards town and when they ran the codes they pulled a P0301 misfire code for cylinder 1. It is a 2015 Sierra 5.3 with just under 60k miles.


The light was only on 5-10 seconds and the truck has been running perfectly normal. I went ahead and got new spark plugs, but haven't put them in yet. Anything else I should check out when I do this? 


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I would verify the condition of the cylinder 1 plug before replacing all plugs. It could be gunked up on the top of the plug.

It would be great to know the freeze frame data from the DTC setting. Unfortunately, since the problem is intermittent, you’re throwing parts at it. Just verify you’re running quality gasoline, make sure the air filter isn’t dirty, could possibly throw off fuel trim for Bank 1. You’ll more than likely have to wait for the problem to become more pronounced before you can truly troubleshoot the problem if in fact it actually has a problem, could’ve been a piece of trash in the fuel that made its way up the fuel line and into the injector. It may not happen again.

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