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A/C Compressor Seized - DIY Repair Summary

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Much to my surprise my compressor seized up with only 56K miles on a 2014 Silverado LT standard cab w/4x4.    Went straight to web and I was also surprised to see that this is not an uncommon occurrence on these trucks around this age.  Anyway, after a few options considered I decided to repair this myself, mainly because I didn't want to pay the high price.  I'm no stranger to wrenching and I was up for the challenge.    



4Seasons Compressor (new)   198381

4Seasons Condenser   40794

4Seasons Expansion Valve     39460

4Seasons O-Ring Kit   26824

PAG-46 oil

A/C Flush Kit w/ flushing liquid


You will need to get a new A/C belt, might as well get all three belts to replace.  The inner two belts are stretch belts so you will need a zip tie to get them on, the A/C belt goes from the rear of the harmonic balancer, not the front, watch a youtube...


I flushed the evaporator and all hoses with the flush kit, there was lots of oil in the evaporator, took a while before the exit looked clear.


I replaced all O-rings..


I had an issue with new transmission oil line connectors that came on the new condenser.  I think the inner diameter of the new connector was bigger than the original because transmission oil leaked from the connector around the line going in (the O-rings looked good).  I had to re-use the original connectors to get the leaking to stop.  Make sure to put new O-rings into the original connectors before installing, they came with the O-ring kit.  


The new compressor was pre-loaded with 3 oz. of PAG-46 oil so I added 3 oz. to the condenser to get the total spec capacity of oil called for in the system.


Pulled vacuum for an hour and then charged the system with two cans of R-134a (24 oz total).  Checked out good with the pressure gauges.  


Cold air again!




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Same thing happened to my 2014 GMC Sierra and my wife’s 2015 Suburban at similar mileages. Not far outside warranty. GM quality at its finest!!!


These vehicles begin to fall apart at 75k. I think I’ve had it with GM. 

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Engineered failure at it's finest.


Fortunately for me, I had an extended warranty till 100k miles. My condenser failed and later my radiator failed. Both replaced under extended warranty and after the factory warranty had been long gone.

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More of GM's latest junk. To think I have always been a GM guy. Never again.  14 Sierra,  just turned 50,000 miles.  2 expensive failures that were out of warranty already. Now going on the 3rd. 

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