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AutoSync and BTDiesel

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OK, I've just gotta make a post on how much this has made my truck so much more customizable.
I've been able to make my approach lights turn on everything, including the fog lights, whether night or day.
Set my DRLs to stay on with turn signal activation.
Windows all up with the press of a button.
Automatic locking if I inadvertently unlocked my doors with the key fob.
Real time engine metrics - kinda cool.
Disabled AFM.
Umm, give me a moment, I'll probably edit again.O_o
There is so much more to all of this, anyone with this setup, please share what you've done! :)

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If you're ever stranded on the side of the road, or helping another person stranded, the AutoSync dongle has a great strobe feature! :)
I had to check it out with the new headlights - works great!

Oh, and BTW, the AFM disable and light mods (all lights on at unlock day and night) still work even after removing the dongle because it's a BTDiesel reprogram of the BCM. The HMI reprogramming sticks, as well, without the need for the dongle, but, there are items which only work when it's plugged in, as well as getting updates to the firmware. (I only remove it to get my truck status over the myChevrolet app as the dongle seems to interfere with the status on the app)


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On 3/1/2023 at 3:47 PM, Skeeter McSkeet said:

This is awesome.  I bought a diablosport intune 8ish years ago just to turn off afm and reprogram speedo.  Wish I had known about this bad boy, wonder if they will work together simultaneously? 

Not simultaneously, but separately.
The AutoSync and BTDiesel dongle isn't cheap and doesn't really tune. Mainly for BCM and HMI mods.
I use a FlashPaq for my tuning and it works separate from the AutoSync.

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