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Adding Power fold Mirrors to your T1 truck without the memory package

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This is exactly what I have been looking for. Can you provide a wiring diagram for this modification. I plan to install this mod and some of your description is hard to follow. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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20 minutes ago, Timothy Lee said:



This is correct, here are the connector end views so you know where the pins are.





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Thanks. Do you have driver door switch connector view?Also where did you find the connector info. A couple of other items are the door switch you identify is not the same one I purchased.  Yours had only two window switches where mine has 4. I would also like to know how you were able to get the puddle/bubble light working.  The mirrors i purchased also have the turn signal light do you have any info on how to make them work. Thanks again for your assistance.  I know there are quite a few people that would love to have this information. We need to find a way to get it out to the masses.

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I really need help. I am in the middle of the installation with everything apart and have every thing wired up but it does not work.  Even the lock/unlock from my key fob does not work. The only thing in this setup that may be incorrect is the switch. But i would think the remote lock unlock should work even if the switch is not correct or not wired. I did not purchase the same door switch as you because the one you specified was for 2 windows only and I have 4. I purchased one that had 4 window switches but it does not work with the mirrors.  Looking at the pin arrangement I can see it is different from the original. Can you provide a switch with 4 window switches and the mirror switch that has the pin setup in the attached picture. Obviously it would need to have the 12 and 22 pins this witch does not.


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The door switches communicate using a canbus or GM LAN connection. When i changed my switch it did not work, not a single function. I tried many different things including soldering wires to the pad for the mirror fold button, but was not able to make a relay circuit that stayed on long enough to fold or unfold the mirrors. I did give up on the door switch and put my old one back. 


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Check the basics first, make sure you have 12v power. Put a 12v light or a multi meter on the door lock supply you are using from the BCM and make sure you're getting power when pressing lock and unlock, also check the mirrors, using a 12v supply power the motors directly make sure they are actuating.

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Oh man Aaaaaaaayush!! This is the post I've been looking for to give me hope that I can add power folding to my 2020 Trail Boss LT. If you have a minute, I have a couple questions about your install:

1) Mirrors fold in and out only from key fob activation, you're not using the panel button?

2) Does the heating and all other controls still work without issue?

3) Were you able to get the perimeter lighting working or did you already have the safety package that enabled it? If you didn't have the package previously, did you do anything special to get that lighting to work?

4) Does the blind spot indicator need anything additional to work, or is that all built into the mirror?


I never even thought about using a separate power fold controller. I wonder if the aux button panel I've seen some people install would be able to activate the fold/unfold function instead of the door panel one. Thank you for your post, as I won't have to figure out how to do the memory seats now (hopefully).



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