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Wanting to upgrade to heated tow mirrors, need some help

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I have a 09 silverado 1500 WT 


It has heated rear window but no heated mirrors. And I can't see a wire for heated mirrors in the door compartment (although I haven't opened the door panels in a few months) I do seem to have 2 wires (it feels like 2) going through the door boot (I haven't opened the boot to see the colors but I assume it is for the door open sensor, but I could be wrong)




I am wanting to add tow mirrors to the truck and especially heated mirrors ( I plow with the truck and really would love the heated mirrors) I was wondering how I would go about adding heated mirrors ( like I said I have the heated back glass so shouldn't the wiring for heated mirrors already be in the truck as I think they run off the same switch and I'm gonna assume the same harness ( I could be completely wrong and they could be different harnesses)


Looking for help as I am wanting to do this conversion if possible 


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the quick and easy way through this is to go to Walmart and get some spray deicer and keep it in the front seat....I think it's pretty weird that you got the heated back glass and NO heated mirrors on a truck but my Chrysler Sebring has that very same arrangement. My 06 Avalanche has both....

You should see if you got the electrical system for it; I mean enough amps of course. Trucks today come with what would have been HUGE back in the day but that's because of all the electrical stuff of course. You can get aftermarket mirrors on the internet that are heated; they should come with a relay and switch, to do it like GM did it...I wanted heater seats in the above named Chrysler, I thought I'd go to the bone yard and get some heated Chrysler seats THEN I read about what Chrysler included in the heated seats option. Timers to turn off the seat (because the operator is too dumb to turn them off I suppose) and other overkill (IMHO) stuff. I bought heating elements through Amazon, removed the seat covers and installed the elements. I wired the heaters to a switched (ignition) controlled circuit so the seats wouldn't be left on and run the battery down. Old school heated mirrors would just be added with little or no thought to whether or not the electrical system could handle the load; mainly because there were no computers, sensors etc. that's there today.

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