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Let's talk ceramic coatings

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Yeah I have to disagree with the sentiment that good waxes or sealants compare to good ceramics for longevity. I've been detailing my vehicles since the late 80's and have tried just about everything out there. So many products over those years that I've lost count.


Some do better than others and the technology has come a long ways, sure. Some can last several months, but nothing compared to a good ceramic application. I finally decided to try it and had Xpel ceramic put on my 2021 and 3 years later, it's still the same and is warrantied for 5 years. I put a boost coating on every June per the recommendation and never been happier. I too paid a pretty penny, but imo, it's been worth it. I used to spend alot of time detailing, now it's a breeze. That said, mine is garaged and not exposed to the elements full time.


Now I will agree alot of what is offered at the dealers and even some shops is complete crap. You have to do your research on what products are good and find someone that is experienced to apply it correctly. Or if you feel comfortable and want to do it yourself, go for it. But imo, nothing compares or lasts as long.

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