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So I use my truck to tow my race car and related equipment to races. My problem is that most of my equipment (generator, compressor, toolbox, fuel cans) sticks up a bit higher than the sides of the bed. I plan on running a cable lock through everything to prevent theft, but I also want to protect everything from the elements.


A normal tonneau cover won't give me the clearance I need. I DO NOT want a bed cap at all I don't like the way they look. What I have seen but only for 6.5 foot bed trucks is a cover that has 8 stretch clips on it and it basically stretches over the entire bed and clips to the underside. That would be perfect both to protect from weather and "out of sight out of mind" on the contents.


This is the closest thing I could find to it (but for a 6 foot bed):




But I've seen another that is large enough that the cover actually goes well over the sides of the truck.


So my question, anyone ever seen something like this for an 8 foot bed?

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You look into any fiberglass bed covers yet? I believe you can get some that a raised a bit for clearance of whatever you have in the bed



I didn't see any that would be tall enough for me, as well they are very expensive.

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