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2007 Silverado 1500classic bed swap

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Got a 07 Silverado 1500 classic crew cab with the short bed 5.8ft. Need to replace my bed but having trouble finding another short bed. 

does anyone know if I could put the regular 6ft bed on and will the wheel wheel/fuel filler neck, and bolts line up? 

thank you 

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You can't.


The frame and wheel base is shorter on the short bed trucks.


You'll have to widen your search area or start buying parts like new bed sides if you are replacing them because of rust.

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I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement box for my dads truck! He’s got an 08 Sierra ext cab 6.5’ box.. I haven’t found a box, east coast Canadian, finding anything not rusted out after 5 years is hard enough! 

I did however stumble across bed side panels.. but they’re for 99-06 .. 


all dimensions are the same other then the outside length which differs by 3/4 inch.


Is this going to make a difference? I’ve been  searching online, and keep getting conflicting answers! Some say 99-13 will work, some say 99-06 and 07-13 .. 


If it will, is there anything additional I’ll have to do? Will I need to modify anything? 

Any insight is appreciated! 

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The inner bed panels are different on the 99-06 beds, so I doubt you'd be able make the bed panels from the earlier beds work on the later trucks.


Here is the link to the GM site for the body panel parts. Scroll down to find the 6.5 foot bed.




The bed part numbers are 25871808 and 10384458.

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