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New tires.....new pictures


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Had today off so decided to go and get the Nitto AT tires I picked up a while back mounted on the truck. Tires are 305 50 20 Terra Grapplers. Think I'm done with the exterior of the truck for the time being. I'm coming up on a year since I picked it up and just turned 4K miles. Mods to date include: Denali grill, GMC chrome front emblem, billet aluminum bullet antenna, billet aluminum/black anodized revolver chamber hitch cover, color matched LED signal mirrors, tow hooks, rear wheel well liners, Rigid Dually D2 LED driving lights, LED reverse bulbs, LED license plate bulbs, 2" Top Gun Customz level kit, Nitto AT tires, and debadged.











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Truck looks good


How do you find the driving lights?



Thanks. I added more information on the lights below.


Very sharp looking truck. Hard to beat that color. :) Are those body siding moldings stock? I like those better than mine.



Thanks. Yes the body side moldings are OEM. My truck is Texas Edition package which has some extra chrome so I think that is where they come from.




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nice looking truck!





Maybe I missed it in your post, but what fog lights are those?


And nice pics, I'm loving the skyline in the background! :thumbs:



Thanks. There is a nice lot close to downtown that makes for a good backdrop on nice days. More information on the lights below.

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Here is more information on the lights I'm running. They are Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED driving lights. The factory fog lights were underwhelming and I never used them so I decided to try these to supplement my lighting. I first mounted the lights behind the grill but didn't like how it turned out so moved them to the fog light location. Behind the grill would work great if someone wants to run a light bar. Think you could easy fit up to a 30". My truck came with factory fogs so I purchased a set of blanks. Cut square holes in the blanks the size of the lens of the led lights. Took the face plate off the led light and picked up some longer screws to account for the additional thickness of the blank. The lights are solidly mounted in the blanks and also attached secondarily from behind. The factory valence required very slight trimming to accommodate the depth of the led light housings. The led lights come with their own harness and switch but I retained the factory switch/wiring since the factory fogs are already fused. Picked up a 5202 bulb adaptor harness to use to plug into the factory wiring and wired in the rigid plug to attach to the led lights. If anyone is looking to do this I'm happy to answer any questions to help out. Here are some various pictures I took along the way.



















Here are the night shots. The bushes are about 45 feet away from the front of the truck.


Low beams -


Low & high beams -


LED lights -


Low beams & LED lights -


LED lights -


Low beams & LED lights -


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where did you get that antenna? I think that thing is sweet



Thanks. I got it from an individual on another forum who machines and sells them out of his house. It was around $25 shipped if I remember correctly. PM me if you want more specific information.


where did you get the light at? They are awesome. Cheapest i can find them is on amazon for approx $180



I picked the lights up from a seller on Ebay for $325 or so on a sale. What you are looking at for $180 are the Dually series, not the Dually D2 which is what these are. The Dually are 4 LEDs per light, come in a flood or spot light pattern and are 2,600 lumens for the pair; the Dually D2 are 6 LEDs per light, come in a driving or wide light pattern, and are 5,200 lumens for the pair. I'm far from an expert on any of this, just wanted to point out the difference so you don't buy the $180 pair and expect more.


X2 on where you got the lights... Would love to put some in the "breather" holes in my bumper.



Picked up the lights on Ebay, there a bunch of sellers on there with them. I think they'd be great in a bumper hole. I originally wanted a LED light bar instead of these to mount in the bumper slot on my truck but decided against that as the light bars are considerably more expensive. $500+ for a 20" bar and $700+ for a 30" bar. $300+ was a little easier to cough up for something I wasn't completely sure about.

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