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Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX


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Well I pulled the trigger and finally got my new shoes!

A couple weeks ago when they were threatening a winter storm, I knew my slicks would not make it so i got my shop to hook me up!


265/70R17 Cooper Discoveret ST MAXX


So far I love these! Extremely supportive in corners / very sticky in the rain / very smooth / slight hum which i like.














And a video I decided to take of new tire and exhaust.



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Nice tires!!! I looked at finding a set of s/t's the biggest they make is a 285 so I couldn't get them.


I love cooper products you can't go wrong!! I've owned 2 sets of cooper discoverer STT's, Mickey Thompsons, and a set of dick cepeks. All great tires with zero issues or complaints.


I just ordered a set of 35x12.5 r20 cooper discoverer STT's as well!! Should be in my garage by Friday!!

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Bringing this one up from the dead.....Update on the tires???? I am looking for new tires now and trying to decide between these and Dick Cepek FCII. I am curious to know how well these are wearing?

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Well I am happy to announce that I pulled the trigger on a new set of Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx in 285/70/17. Cooper lists them as being a true 33 inch tire and they definitely do run big compared to other tires in the 285/70/17 category. I have had them on for about a week and I am super happy with them. I had Dick Cepek FCII on my last truck and the Coopers are VERY quiet for such an aggressive All terrain/Mud Terrain Hybrid. Very slight hmmmm at highway speeds but definitely not as noisy as the Cepeks.


Had the tires mounted on freshly powdercoated OEM steel wheels.


I really love the look of the truck and love the new coopers. The truck is my second vehicle so it doesnt get driven daily, but I will try and keep everyone posted on how these tires wear. If you are looking for an aggressive AT tire, Give the Coopers a look. I paid $245.00 each at my local Discount tire shop.


Let me know what you think.



Vehicle Photos 010

Vehicle Photos 009

Vehicle Photos 008

Vehicle Photos 006

Vehicle Photos 007

Vehicle Photos 002


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My old truck / 06 silverado, I lost maybe .5-1 mpg Depending on how i drove it tho. On my new truck with the 6.2L, I never got a chance to test with stock tires to see a difference. But the MPG I am currently seeying is City: 11-14 Depending on how much stop and go i'm doing, and also how much i push the peddle from a complete stop... On the HWY Im averaging anywhere from 13-20 (moslty in the 14-15 range tho) Depending on if I'm driving on flat land or hitting hills. And of course how fast i'm going. Once I hit 70+ you can pretty much see the needle moving.

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