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Busy weekend = Good results!


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Took advantage of the beautiful weather and got some stuff done to the truck..

Removed lower valance

Washed rain X windows

Installed LED projector Bulbs in backup lights

Installed Weathertech visors

Installed BakFlip Bed Rail protectors

Installed Bakflip F1 cover


Truck looks so muh better without the valance.

I am getting the 2" Level kit put on within a couple weeks.

And getting the tint put on windows...








Love this shot





You can see how the backup lights are very focused and put out a ton of light even in middle of the day! That is them shining on the fence. NO flash was used..




Close up of the bulb... You get what you pay for with bulbs! Teese are well worth the $40 i got them for on ebay.


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Looks great Jerry!! It was truly like spring today...I used the time to clean the inside of mine today and get it washed .....and now it's raining... :dunno: Ah well at least the inside looks a lot better.

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Looks great lol @ the butt cheek light pattern.

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LOL, I see it too! looks like the fence is wearing a thong if you look close enough at the pattern, hahahaha.


Thanx all. Getting the windows tinted Fri...

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