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1992 GMC Sierra



My 1992 Gmc Sierra has this strange stalling issue.

The truck starts and runs fine with now problems.

But for some reason when say I'm comming to a stop at at traffic light the truck shuts off within the 0-5km/hr range.


A lot of times I can Put the truck in Park to prevent it from stalling but you have to time it perfectly and doesnt always work.


So once it stalls I can start it and drive with no problems.


I took the truck to Our Local GMC Dealer,


And after 10 days and $1500 dollars the dealer said it was a Faulty module.


They replaced the module and now its doing the same thing after 6 months .


This is leading me to belive it is not a module problem

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Yeah, I hear ya Rob. I guess this one is better than diagnosing a "squeak" online though! :D



Just cleaned an IAC due to having the same problem ... but it was on a 27 year old Mercury Grand Marquis. Completely different design though - sequential FI, so only air going though the butterfly. '92 GM should be throttle body - basically a carb with 2 injectors on top squirting on the butterfly, so no IAC.


The ol' module aye? Did they tell you WHAT module? Sounds like a ripoff in progress .... :uhoh:

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