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New from Florida

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Hey GmTrucks-

I've been on this website for a few years now, and I must say this forum is the best on the web. You guys keep it classy, relevant and informative. Even ram and F-series guys can post on here, and not get thrown out! lol!


Because of this forum I know about Adams products (even got a few friends hooked on 'em too), I know about Blackbear tunes, AFM issues, How the 6-speed acts vs. 4-speed, the DIC mod for w/t and LS trucks, crew cab wind noise fixes, the power saving feature that kind of dims the lights when at idle, and probably lots more that I forgot about.


My friends and family come to me for any questions on their GMT-900 trucks. They also think I have too much time on my hands knowing all of these things, seeing as how I don't own one. They would be correct.


Anyways, two months ago i bought a 1994 Suburban 4x4, and have done a lot of repairs to it. I should've taken more pics and posted it on here. Here's the work Ive done so far-

-Welded new roof section on the rear where they like to rust

-fixed the drivers door pins

-fixed rust on the passenger A-pillar

-installed new trailer lights on top

-restored the headlights and taillights

-fixed the rear tailgate, it now opens and closes all the time. Zip ties rule!

-got the headliner restored

-replaced left rear glass, had both of them removed to fix rust behind the right hear. Then had them reinstalled TWICE and they still leak. Amateur hour at the local window install shop..

-installed a new sound system

-installed new rear hatch seal, rear door seals, and upper channel seals for both sides

-Changed the O2 sensor, alternator, air filter, EGR valve and solenoid, knock sensor, front center and rear diff fluids, spark plugs, shocks, tires, both front upper and lower ball joints (Original joints for 193,000 miles, they were riveted in, HOLY CRAP WAS THAT A TOUGH JOB), got an alignment, coolant temperature sensor, oil cooler lines.

-Advanced the timing the other day so it idles smoother now, distributor systems RULE

-fixed the passenger door lock switch by finding some corrosion behind the passenger kick panel and re soldering the wires

-repainted the truck with Plastidip, because it was cheap and durable.

-installed HID system for low beams

-recharged the a/c unit. Blows cold up front, haven't figured out why the rear blows warm, its rear a/c only no heat. One of these days ill get around to it

-replaced many vacuum lines that had seen better days


Phew! Thanks for reading, glad I finally got around to making a profile.



The hole really did not look that deep! 5500 lbs later it got deep quick...



Helping out a guy at work who thought he could get another week out of a bad alternator


This is my mom's she recently bought for her growing business, haven't seen it in person yet but it sure looks nice!


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