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2000 Sonoma 4.3L Vortec #2 cylinder misfire



I recently replaced the intake man gasket due to coolent leak.

Before I changed the gasket the truck ran GREAT.

As soon as I topped off the coolent and cranked the truck the check engine light came on, it seemed to be ideling rough, and on the "test drive" the engine seemed to be missing.

I checked the trouble codes and found P0302 code (cylinder 2 misfire)

I have checked the cap, button, and spark plug wires all are less than 6 months old, replaced on last tune up.


Like I said above, the truck ran great, even getting it home after the intake gasket blew. I drove about 10 miles with a couple of stops to top off coolent.


I am stumped. ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated...


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Make sure the line (part of that spider) going to that cylinder isn't cracked, pulled from injector, or leaking fuel. Check for vac. leaks first. Spray carb or brake cleaner along the manifold gasket just to be sure the new gasket isn't leaking. If you note a change in RPM while spraying, you've found a leak.

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I checked for leaks with carb spray. Checked #2 spark plug, clean and sparking good. I removed the throttle body and visually inspected #2 fuel line. I haven't removed the air plennum yet, but the fuel line is set in place with no visible cracks. Also no raw fuel in plennum, as if the line is leaking or injector not in place. I am going to remove the air plennum tomorrow for closer inspection. Any other ideas? Thanks for the suggestions, they have been helpful...

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