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LED Aftermarket Reverse Lights / Pods

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IGuys here is my led rock lights I am using for reverse. They are bright as all get out! I'm thrilled with them. I ordered them from Steve @ http://www.sneveysoffroad.com


They are extremely durable maybe bullet proof lol.


Here is what they look like



Well first things first you have to

Pull the spare tire to get to the lumps of wire.



than pull taillights

and look at the reverse wire.

Should have 2x black one green.


green is power.


Now.. Get under truck find these two clips.. Ones blue ones grey.


blue is driver side and grey is pass side.

Locate the bright green wire and pull some slack..



For ground i used the bracket.. Where i tapped into the hitch receiver with a small punch to make a dent than drilled... And a self tapping screw.



Now where i marked the receiver



Another shot



I used red tap cons and extra wire and some loom and tapped into light green wire (power)


Note i used black paint on the bolts on right to compare... Much cleaner looking



Side view dapery5u.jpg


And here is them lit



Lighting up the garage with door open




Very very easy install. Hope this helps yall. Will be adding night shots tonight.


And adding my led bar on tomorrow!!


If interested give Steve a shout. My opinion the extra light is needed and those bulbs ppl have been adding in taillights assembly do nothing compared to these!





Need to aim



Look at my buddies truck


Side shot phone camera isnt to great at night




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Very nice. I had aux lights under my rear bumper on my 99 with a separate switch. Of course that was before leds came out, but they were definitely helpful.
these are amazing. No problems finding the duck boat on the am! Lol
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Wow. Nice writeup. Thanks for the info. Those are really bright!

Thanks man.. Took about 30 min to do. I saw threads along about led bulbs in housing.. I wanted a step more.. The wow factor is awesome. At night hit the unlock button is like a space ship .

Monday doing my led bar install write up

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