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Unknown issue with steering components


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Hey guys, got kinda mystery me or my mechanic can figure out. First I'll tell you what I did so far, and what happened to the truck.


I had replaced the puny tie rod inner and outer with beefy Fabtech ones, and longer swaybar end links to compensate for the thickness and the sway bar itself. All was well untill I got into accident, hit dead center of the truck at low speed. Enough damage to bend in my Boss snow plow mount under the truck along with hood and grill.


Obviously the truck frame was pulled straight at the body shop when it was repaired, and I asked again and he claims it was zeroed out. No steering components looked to be damaged, and were well far away from impact for anyone to think anything was wrong, truck drives straight and true, and as well as before.


The only thing I noticed was after the accident I hear on occasion on passenger side (where the tie rod issue is) sounds like dust shield rubbing against the rotor. And the passenger inner tie rod boot touches the sway bar now. the driver side is close, but has finger space as it did before. I am currently ordering longer sway bar end links to increase that space. But problem remains, and I dont want to waste my last replacement boot I got until I can figure out the problem.


The alignment was done 2x to be sure and it is good, but it seems one side is still lower than the other. Also, there is a torsion lift (I know what you are all going to say about that but save your breath please, ty) It was all in good operating condition before the accident.


I know you will have questions and not sure if I included everything to make a diagnosis so please feel free to ask. Thanks guys!

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