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Vibration at 25 MPH slowing down

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I originally thought this was a tire issues but I changed back to my OEM wheels and tires but the vibration is still there. Not pronounced but still noticeable. Now this only happens when you are slowing down and when you hit 25mph is when you feel it. On exceleration it's fine. So, its not the tires and I think if it was a bearing it would be constant and not MPH sensitive.


Any ideas?

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Vibration or a shudder? Like rolling over rumble strips?



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Thats the description, shutter, like going over rumble strips.. Only at 25 mph and as soon as you go above that or below that its gone.

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During braking? Or even when coasting down?

Does it if I'm braking or not.

Have you inspected the rotors? Since you ruled out bad tire, I would look for a bad rotor.


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If it was the rotors I would feel it in the brake pedal and thats fine.

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I'm gonna say torque converter clutch staying engaged too long. Trans issue.

It's almost like if you had a manual car and slowed down without pushing the clutch in, but pushed it in before it got to stalling.



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The transmission seem to shift fine, no strange tranny issue that I can notice. Its still under warrenty so I may bring it in but knowing this dealers who knows if they will feel the same thing. They may just say some BS like "thats normal".

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