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Onstar Aviation Weather Advisory in my Automobile?

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I don't believe in Coincidence


While on my way to a 'flying lesson' at a local general aviation airport, I received a weather advisory on myGMLink Radio with the Onstar Weather subscription.

What makes this highly suspicious is that I was NOT using the onboard navigation, nor was I using my cell phone for navigation. The only link/reference to my intended destination was the iCal appointment I had made on my iPhone several days earlier, and I have the myChevrolet app on my iPhone, of which I was not using at the time, nor had I ever used it to navigate to that location.


Unless others have received random aviation weather alerts while driving their automobiles, I find this highly unnerving that OnStar is accessing my calendar 

if this is true - I think there is 'splenin to do'.


- perhaps they are stepping into some truly illegal territory?





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Is your phone connected by Bluetooth?  If it is when you first paired it you should have gotten a couple of pop-ups on your phone that asked if you wanted to give MyLink permission to access your Contacts, Media, etc.  If you answered "Yes" to those it may be able access your calendar as well and you gave them legal authority to do that by answering the question.


You could try deleting the phone from MyLink Bluetooth and then re-connecting.  See if you get the pop-ups again and answer each one individually with permissions (for example you need access to your Contacts to do voice dialing by name).

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yes, my phone is connected via bluetooth.

I agree with what your saying as far as granting access permissions.


What has me somewhat disturbed is how deep into ones personal space they will delve. There needs to be a definitive line they should not cross, both ethically and morally - but companies like Onstar have no ethics or morals...


Unfortunately , unless the masses become educated to these practices and confront them, it will just get worse.


I love technology, and much (not all) of the conveniences and rewards that come with it, but too many lines are being crossed, few are seeing this, and even less are speaking up.



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