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Coolant leak near firewall / heater core. Replacing quick heater hose quick connectors


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Hey guys,


Encountered a coolant leak at the heater hose quick connect fitting on a 2005 Tahoe. I had one of these snap last year on my ‘05 Sierra so it’s a pretty common occurrence on NBS models that are still on the road. 


I made a video of what I ran into while replacing the fittings that I think will be helpful to someone that needs to tackle the same thing. 


Let me know now what you guys think:


Video / Replacing GM Heater Hose Quick connectors

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Replaced one on my wife's 05 Tahoe about a year and half back...PITA.  Bought the special removal tool only to find out that it wouldn't work.  Got it changed though, with no leaks...until about 2 weeks ago.  Wife sent me a text saying that she was on the side of the road, broke down, and the Tahoe was running hot.  Her dad came and brought her some water and put it in the coolant reservoir.  It was only a couple of miles to the local repair shop so I told her to drive it on to the shop and let them check it and go ahead and fix it.  The guy at the shop called me and told me it was the quick connect fitting that was leaking.  I figured it was the one that I didn't change.  Nope, it was the one that I changed a year and half ago.  I told him to go ahead and replace both of them. 

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