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To Lift or Not to Lift - please help

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Further advice/thoughts?


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I think you're on the right track.  A 4" quality lift will typically give a much better ride than a 2.5" or more "level."  But results can vary quite a bit.  The biggest impacts on ride will be your choice of shocks and tires.


With shocks, there are different types and styles but generally spending more money will give you a better ride. 


Also pay attention to your tire choice--not all "E rated" tires are going to be similar with respect to ride.  Pay attention to their weights, not just because the weight itself affects ride but higher weights in similar sizes usually denote a stiffer construction which will make for a harsher ride (and usually decreased mileage).  For example, I'm on 35X11.5R20 Ridge Grapplers that I picked up when they first came out.  The ride on these tires is noticeably rougher, more "truckish" than the Duratracs they replaced (took a big hit in mileage as well).  While they're a little bigger so it isn't a fair comparison, they're more than 14 lbs heavier each than the Duratracs which were also E rated so the results aren't surprising. 


Don't get me wrong, I really like the tires.  However, I do wish they had the 285/65R20s available when I bought mine.  They're virtually identical in size to the 35X11.5's but weigh nearly 8 lbs less each.  They likely would have provided a noticeably softer ride and got better mileage while still being E rated 10 ply.  So carefully looking at the specs can help you find tires that will suite your needs better, even within specific brands and sizes.

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Awesome Jon A! Thanks for all of the information.   I plan to pull the trigger on all of this around September when all the weather breaks a bit.  and I have some time to enjoy things outside. :)

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