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GM’s Chevy Malibu and Buick LaCrosse Earn Spots On CPO Car Reliability List

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John Goreham

Staff Writer


In its latest compilation of great cars, J.D. Power (Hammer) liked the Chevy Malibu and Buick Lacrosse. Both were named to the list of Eight Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Cars. Together GM’s two cars made up a quarter of the top eight.


In its summary of the LaCrosse, the publication says, “Buick’s full-size LaCrosse sedan has plenty going for it, from a choice between a light-electrified hybrid drivetrain and a powerful V-6 engine to a roomy and comfortable cabin wrapped in upscale sheet metal.” Of the Malibu, the publication says, “In its final year before a complete redesign for 2016, the midsized 2015 Chevy Malibu offered real value along with, apparently, excellent reliability. Pair the torque-rich turbo with the top LTZ trim level and you’ll have a dependable and upscale rocket.” 

The list of eight was derived from J.D. Power’s dependability data, which comes directly from owners. This list is interesting because it looks at the dependability of 2015 model year cars that might be coming off of 36 or 39-month leases. As a CPO car, the vehicle will have a warranty and will have undergone an inspection.

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The Malibu is a nice vehicle.  Only complaint is the auto-start from a stop thing.  That and it looks too similar to the Impala. 


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    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      All indications are that now is a pretty good time to shop for a Malibu if there is an empty garage bay at your house.  Although GM is enjoying increases in transaction prices overall, when it comes to midsized sedans, Chevy is offering more incentive dollars than any other automaker to move inventory. And the trend is up for Chevy.
      Chevy is offering up to $5,500 in cash on the dash, on average, according to a study by Motor Intelligence. Honda is so confident in its new 2018 Accord's abilities to attract buyers it is slashing incentive spending to nearly zero. Incentive spending is a combination of cash back, dealer discount incentives, special financing, and other offers automakers use to entice buyers.

      Chevy’s Malibu discounting is up 11% year over year and shows no signs of slowing. Some dealers are offering up to $8,000 discounts on Malibu (see above image). It seems Chevy is desperate to move the Malibu. In December, Chevy sold about 16,000 Malibus. The January sales number dropped to just 7,553. By contrast, Toyota sold 43,000 Camrys in December.
    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      Silverado buys are never surprised by huge discounts on the model, but we like to point the deals out when they make news. This month, U.S. News & World Report has named the truck to its list of Best New Car Deals.
      "The current new-car sales slowdown is great news for consumers," says Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. "As carmakers ramp up incentives, it's possible to save thousands, even on top-performing models.
      The Silverado has been a strong seller lately, but has, in fact, had a sales downturn over the past year, despite the uptick after this year’s natural disasters. Chevy is currently offering $6,000 cash back on the Silverado according to U.S. News.
      Sales of the Buick LaCrosse have not been as rosy for GM. It was down a whopping 51% in December and 30% for the year of 2017. We suspect Buick dealers would love to make room for a quick-selling imported crossover on their lots. U.S. News says Buick is offering a staggering $9,500 cash back, depending on the region. The LaCrosse scored very well in U.S. News’ testing, garnering an overall score of 8.7 out of ten.
      Image Note: 2018 LaCrosse shown. 
    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      The GM-Trucks.com team was fortunate to find some seat time in a new, 2017 Chevy Malibu Hybrid this month. General Motors has cut its media fleet for 2017 and the Malibu was the only GM car we’ve driven in recent memory. Simply put, it blew us away.

      Reviewing any car or truck requires focusing the mind in two ways. First, what do owners of this type of vehicle want and look for? Second, could this vehicle be so good that it transcends its segment and may attract buyers from similar segments? With our brain re-set from trucks, we found this midsize green sedan hits the mark for its target audience and definitely would make conventional midsize family shoppers very happy given a chance.

      The Malibu Hybrid’s defining feature is comfort and refinement. We’ve driven the Camry Hybrid, Kia Niro, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and others in recent months and the Malibu Hybrid doesn’t just meet the bar, it exceeds it in almost every way.

      If you like a smooth comfortable ride over bumpy roads (the GM-Trucks team spends considerable time on dirt roads, so we do), then the Malibu is tuned for you. The “normal” profile tires on our mid-trim Hybrid were compliant and kept the ride very mellow. The Malibu handles like most other midsize family sedans in all other respects. If you want a Car and Driver breakdown of skidpad adhesion and handling “at the limits” good luck. You may be better served by a Cadillac CTS-V. This car is for daily driving and it excels at its mission.

      The drivetrain is outstanding, but only if quiet, smooth operation with outstanding fuel economy is your preference. In this segment, that is exactly what buyers want and expect and the Malibu Hybrid delivers better than either the Kia or Hyundai we recently tested (which are about the same size as the Malibu in passenger volume, in case you wonder why they are in this story for reference).

      We managed 49 MPG in our real-world suburban and highway driving, better than the 46 MPG the EPA estimates most drivers will see. On regular gas. That means they Malibu Hybrid costs about the same per mile as an EV would, in our expensive electricity market. In our testing of the new Hyundai Ioniq, which boasts a much higher EPA Combined estimate, we saw 48.2 MPG. In the Niro, we saw 44 MPG. The low-key Malibu Hybrid topped them both.

      Inside, our mid-trim Malibu was drab. The flat-back, unheated, cloth seats were a let-down and with no moonroof, the interior was dark. Our $31,235 tester lacked a few things, but if you want leather, Nav and a moonroof they can all be added in for customers with a $35K budget. The trunk is small for the class as well, due to the battery pack behind the passenger seatbacks.
      On the plus side of the Chevy frugality, the Malibu Hybrid did have Android Auto which we put to good use. Apple Car Play is also included of course, and this allows buyers to skip Nav and save some money while being able to get the best Nav possible via one’s phone (which you already own).

      The Chevy Malibu line is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, only its headlights' rating held it back from the top score possible. Our tester had emergency auto braking but did not offer adaptive cruise control. An odd combination.
      Overall we feel that the Chevy Malibu Hybrid deserves more attention. This is a fair-priced, super-safe, fuel-sipping car with outstanding comfort. Isn’t that what family sedan and mid-sized green-car shoppers put at the top of their wish list?

    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      The 2014 Chevy Malibu sedan and Equinox crossover are near the top of the list of popular high-depreciation cars in a study done by iSeeCars.com. The Malibu's depreciation is 1.23-times greater than the average for vehicles in general. The study finds that the average price of a 2014 Malibu is just $14,622, reflecting a 43% depreciation over just three years. The Equinox is not far behind the Malibu with an average price of just $17,200, reflecting a 41% depreciation over three years. These are cars still under the original GM warranty.

      Even more incredible is the deal that shoppers of used Cadillac CTS sedans should expect. After just three years, the CTS is worth less than half its original value. iSeeCars pegs the average 2014 CTS price at just $27,537. That is a whopping 52% depreciation rate reflecting a depreciation that is about one and a half times that of the average vehicle.

      Silverado and Sierra both hold their value better than the industry average. After three years, they have depreciated roughly 29% compared to the average of about 35%. See the full study at this link.

    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      Chevrolet announced that its new 9-speed automatic transmission will debut on the 2017 Chevy Malibu 2.0-Turbo, in the Cruze Diesel for '17, and then the Equinox Diesel will also get the new transmission for 2018 when it is ready. So far, Chevy has only qualified the new Chevy Malibu with the 9-speed so we have compared that car to its peers to see how the new transmission will help the Malibu in this very competitive segment.

      First, the intangibles. Chevy says (and we believe) that the new transmission's first gear contributes to better off-the-line performance. Quickness is not a high priority for most midsize sedan buyers, but remember, Chevy is pairing the most powerful Malibu it makes with the new 9-speed. This car will compete with the Honda Accord V6, which uses an automatic 6-speed and offers an optional manual 6-speed. The Accord is a fast car thus equipped and having tracked that car, we can tell you it is surprisingly fun to toss around.
      By moving to the turbo engine and 9-speed the 33 MPG Highway / 26 MPG Combined 2017 Malibu could have matched up well with the 33 MPG Highway and 25 MPG combined the Honda Accord V6 Auto 6AT currently produces. The Nissan Altima with its V6 engine and CVT transmission earns a 32 MPG highway rating and a 26 MPG Combined rating. We say "could have" because the 2017 Malibu is rated with Premium fuel, not the regular that the V6 Accord and Altima use. The 250 hp of the Malibu 2.0T is also significantly less than the 278 hp the Accord offers and the 270 hp the Altima comes with. The Camry will be all-new for next year and its drivetrains are expected to change so we left it out of this comparison.
      When matched with the diesels Chevy is about to launch, we expect big MPG numbers. However, for 2017, Chevy brings a new Malibu drivetrain that is down on power compared to its peers, only matches the current offerings mileage ratings, and uses more expensive fuel than its competitors.
      Note: All MPG numbers in this story are the official numbers at www.fueleconomy.gov.

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