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Hello wall I appreciate your time and help if you can.

1991 GMC c1500, two wheel drive, shortbed stepside, 5.7L

Inherited this truck from relative and of course front suspension completely shot. Purchase new  18 pc. suspension rebuild kit and steering gear. Reused the center steering link rod and stabilizer bar. removal went well, interestingly difficult yet not unsurmountable. All ball joints pressed on nicely and fully seated. All bushings are in place all pressed online with ease. Installed final connections at the steering (center) rod link, stabilizer bar, two idler arm, pitman arm. Everything seemed to go together perfectly. Oem spec torque on all nuts, cottter pins all ligned up perfectly.

Full bleed on power steering system completed

installed new calipers and pads while I was at it. Full bleed.

Test drive went well... Drove it gently for a bit to make sure everything was copacetic. then drove it a few blocks, drives like a brand new truck. then drove it few miles,

awesome I thought... you did it.

Then... son was parking on the street, tires angeled towards curb, reversing to back it space, truck suspension "jammed" best way I can describe it. as he was traveling in reverse, slight dip at the curb wheels maxed right (45 degree curb park)...then the passenger side stabilizer and steering rod link pivited forward while the driver's side pivited back...jammed...instead of normal side to side motion with all components turning in unison.

No parts were broken, bent or damaged!? Unbolted several components and they came off easily with pickle fork. freed the tires up and pushed it back into the parking space

Million dollar question: wtf did I do wrong, I am completely baffeled. Seriously, had alldata schematics, pictures I tell you, eazy pz. 

FYI i have always noticed a slight rub on the stabilizer bar from factory stock tires and wheels the truck. You can notice a 1 inch long shiny spot on the bar where the truck turns too far. Also I can hear the slight whine of steering pump when wheels are "fully" turned. Is this "normal"?


Steering gear intact turning pitman arm, brakes work fine...



will update in the morning at first light, thx all.

PS: my first GMC, woohoo!






, installation went well all parts seem to fit perfectly in place and an in alignment with all other parts. I


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Zeroing in on steering gear.

It did come out of box centered with cap and I even painted a white line on body of steering gear and shaft.

Instructions stated to leave centered and take care not to accidentally spin the shaft.

Assumption was that it was centered with proper revolutions each way from factory. 

Assuming for the moment that the gear probably has more turns passenger vs driver's side.


FYI:  did keep old tie rod links intact, with precise measurements at two points. New rod assembly equally same length and same thread length screwed into the tie rod clamp.



PS,: yes I have scoured internet and all Chevy / GMC boards and cannot find an issue like this.

Q: is there a specification on how many turns each way the wheel/steering is supposed to travel .

Q: Should I turn the shaft on the steering gear all the way one way past center and then the other way to ascertain true center on steering gear. Side note: the steering gear pitman arm and shaft should line up relatively straight in relation to the steering column if it was properly centered. I verified this and everything bolted up Properly. 

If I did not already mentioned during test drives heard no sounds no creeks no wobbles no nothing just smooth straight driving and smooth turning


26 views and I can already see your head's shaking :-D

Feel free to chime in anyone. Know I'm missing something critical, just cannot pinpoint.



I'll post a few pics later this morning, might help.


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Thx for replies... Was in process of taking pictures\ observations, reviewing schematics noticed something odd.

Odd I thought because I specifically remember having old part in hand and reviewing schematic of the idler arm before install.

Well I did install it correctly, before I noriced I could not install tie rod with idler arm in first. Removed idler arm install tie rod to center Link, all good then installed idler arm backwards!!!!!!!

There it is, human error. During test drives it did just fine, it was only when a full turn in reverse with a slight dip incline it was that 1" of offset pivot of travel that allowed it to jam up.

Celebrating now....

Will post pics of install ( looks good imo) and pics of proper and improper install. As stated I scoured the internet for a similar situation, nothing. Therefore I feel obligated to own up to rushing the LAST item to bolt on and torque. In my defense\ stupidity the OEM version had a small hump of metal that would not allow you to install incorrectly. The aftermarket version was a flat bar seemingly bent around an actual frame mold. After frustrated by having to remove idler arm and therefore fit like a glove around the the frame with holes aligned perfectly.

Let my gaurd down\brainfart 

Lesson, limit pre celebration beverages and any medicinals until completion.


Pic to come...

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If anything you sure got a good story out of the deal. I enjoyed your read. Crazy how one thing can make stuff so flustering.

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