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Have You Seen GM's ARĪV eBikes?

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

General Motors has a new line of electrified bicycle. The new brand is called ARĪV. There are two models, the Meld, a compact eBike, and the Merge, a folding eBike. The bikes are going on sale now in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Electrified bicycles are popular there. Prices (if we've converted from euros correctly) are around $3,000. That is pricey for an eBike. Amazon sells them for under $2K. Two friends of GM-Trucks.com own a couple of the MOTAN eBikes sold on Amazon and they love them.


ARĪV tapped GM’s automotive-grade capabilities to set a new standard in eBike engineering. A proprietary GM motor is the heart of the ARĪV eBikes. The motor delivers top-of-segment torque for its size. It also enables speeds up to 15 MPH with four levels of pedal-assisted power. The battery was designed and validated to standards similar to GM’s electric vehicles. The ARĪV eBike’s battery charges in approximately 3.5 hours and gets an impressive range of about 40 miles of ride time on a single charge. The ARĪV Merge and Meld come with integrated, rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights for increased visibility and have oversized brake rotors to increase stopping power.

The ARĪV eBikes were engineered by GM in Michigan and are built in Oshawa, Ontario.


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Not long ago, I've seen a guy on a bike with an engine similar to a lawn mower engine. I liked it. It was just a little noisy.


I need my truck for work, getting my boat to the lake and the occasional trip up-road for out of town jobs.

Usually I'd drive only 1,000km a day, given that we only have one real highway here in Canada (Hwy 1and it's SLOW!).

If GM can offer an all electric truck with a range of 1,200km (750 miles-ish) while towing a 5,000lbs trailer, they'd have my business.


so long


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Just what we need.

More scooters populating the sidewalks of our city streets for pedestrians to trip over and dodge! LOL

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They've been adding bike lines in major cities like Boston.. Then they wonder why people are getting killed pretty frequently on them. 

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Electric bikes are a blast, the Arivs would be like speed bumps next to our bikes.  With motorcycle size tires, we primarily ride off road.  My bike is faster, bigger, longer travel times, off-road to pavement without missing a step, and the kicker is less than half the price.  Arivs won't sell to well if someone does their homework. 


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