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Following a Hopeful Stretch UAW Now Says Strike Deal Moving Backwards


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Police Officers, firefighters, educators, and nurses are also union personnel.  In American society for the most part, these are very upstanding citizens.  I hope the auto workers hold out to get everything they want, but when the lowest paid union worker is feeling the pain of not getting a full check, then it's time to bargain and put people back to work.

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You haven't seen city unions, then. https://www.deseret.com/2011/3/4/20177026/civility-flies-out-the-window-as-union-thugs-resort-to-violence  Not all of them are like this, but most of the big ones are, at least out here in the Northeast. Beacon Hill is in bed with half of them! The "union loophole", where unions have no limit on political donations, while businesses can only donate $500 is a glaring example of whose side this state's (MA) government is on. Birds of a feather ...??


There should be 100 more stories like these, but we all know who's side Google is on - so they keep that info suppressed. That needs to change REAL soon. ?

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On 10/7/2019 at 9:59 AM, BIGDOGx said:

I would steer clear of any GM product at this time, i can't imagine moral and quality were good with the last few weeks of work done at their plants.

Good advice to check the build date on vehicles around strike time. Dad had a beer bottle inside the door of his Biscayne and I had bolts sliding around inside my HVAC vents in a Cordoba and a Volare with a windshield lacking sealant purchased during strike time.


Strikers actually screwed themselves along with their products.....this kind of poor quality crap and sabotage is what turned buyers to imports and they screwed themselves when low sales caused their layoffs.

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.02 Appears to me that robots did the bulk of the thinking, work and credit for the assembly of my truck at the Lansing plant. Balance of work done by humans doesn't appear to be any more difficult than what a high school senior who can lift 25 lbs is capable of doing with a weeks worth of training. When they return to work the union should be fined and the money paid as compensation to those customers making payments on out of service new vehicles sitting in dealers' lots awaiting parts and driving POS loaners in the interim.



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