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New plow truck (2000 k3500 454)

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Hey guys,


been awhile since I posted.


I just purchased a 2000 k3500 reg. cab long bed 7.4l (454) 4x4.


Shes in pretty decent shape for being 19 years old. Has 115,xxx miles on it. Needs new rear brake lines (maybe shoes too), and the drivers side window track fixed. (manual). Manual floor shift 4x4.


I've never owned at 1 ton, but have had a long box. Comes with an 8ft plow which has hydros and a joystick.


Going to be a work horse more or less, maybe use it for going ice fishing. (keeping my 04 out of the damn salt!)


Anyway, I am excited on this adventure.




front single long or 2 smaller led bars (on plow mount), 2x rear cube led's hooked to aux or reverse (haven't decided yet). I also have a new LED amber strobe system coming.


We live in the country and do get some big drifts from time to time. I always used our 4 wheeler with a 60" county blade to plow with. This will obviously be quite a difference. I won't have to nail those big drifts anymore. I can only assume this 1ton will just about move anything I put infront of it.


Has duratracs on it already (which are the best truck AT snow rated tire). Has aftermarket wheels and running boards. I will pick up a tonneau cover this weekend (used).


Has the factory 7 ping and hitch which I was hoping for as I have an enclosed trailer with trailer brakes for ice fishing (hauling 2X wheelers).


new starter, new batteries (dual), new alternator. Starts right up. I will post pics in about a week when I finally bring her home.


Ready for the snow to fly, I might start plowing on weeknights.


Front end hasn't been touched so I assume in the coming years I will be replacing the ball joints, sway bar end links and potentially bushings on the UCA and LCA (might just but who new CA's upper and lower with new bushings and moog ball joints in place).


My wife isn't too pleased with my purchase, but I got a HELL of a deal on a decent truck.

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16 hours ago, ChevroletTough said:

Needs rear brake lines as i stated. I don’t know how long the rear brakes have been out. Planning on new shoes, do you think I should get new cylinders?

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You can get them pretty cheap off rock auto.  I would for cheap insurance.  Id hate to get everything together and have them start to leak.  

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13 minutes ago, Logan Lanfear said:

I didnt think they had one. 

My 2004 did not, but I retrod it and put one in.


I believe 2003 is when they stopped putting cabin air filters in if I recall correctly. If this one doesn't have one, I'll probably retro it and install a cabin filter.



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She’s a little rough but she should do. Starts and runs great. Got 13.1mph on a 200 mile trip with the plow on, highway driving.

Need to troubleshoot the plow lights, the switch works to kill the headlights but only the running markers are on the extension lights and they don’t blink with the signal.

Notice quite a bit of water coming out the tailpipe. Going to monitor coolant level.

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