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2020 Silverado - High Pitch Whistle

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I've got a real high pitch whistle coming from the windshield.  Only occurs at speeds over 75mph (legal speed limits around here) and only with a cross wind.  It's incredibly loud and highly annoying and before I go to the dealer I'd like to have something to point them in the right direction.  There's no water leaks anywhere.  I'm assuming it's wind buffeting over the truck but I have never heard this sound ever on any vehicle.  Below is a video of what it sounds like.  Anyone have this sound and had it fixed?  I swear it's a leaking seal but I can't find it.



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I have a 2021 with the same issue. I took the truck on a road trip from LA to Denver, and it seemed to get worse when there was cross wind. I assumed it had something to do with the aero spoiler things on the front bumper.

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Welcome to the forum. No one seems to have a fix on this thread. You may want to look at the front fender seals. They are not really seals but a foam like material that goes between the inner fender and the firewall at the front door post. If you open either front door look into the front fender past the door hinges. You will see a foam like material that is supposed to seal the area between the firewall and the inner fender. Air flows thru the front bumper through the bumper vents or "sideburns" This foam is supposed to stop the airflow in the front fender. If there is a small gap between that foam and the firewall or the inner fender you can get this whistling sound in the cab. Some times this foam peice is not installed correctly or has air gaps that can leak. I would inspect those foam peices and reseal as necessary. 3M used to make a product called Strip caulk that should seal those peices. Try that and let us know if it worked.

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