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Random no start 2019 Duramax

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Long story short stock truck will not start from time to time.  Finally did not start first thing in mornings three days in a row so its at dealer now.  Any one else had this problem, no trouble codes stored.  Tech has seen draws on batteries a few times but it stops before he can isolate it.  Any help would be great, driving a Dodge every day is killing me!!!!  :jester:

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Sorry that it has been so long to reply to this, both batteries were replaced in January.  The dealer kept it for 4 days and could not find the problem.  They said it was the air ride drawing the battery down, so every night I would disconnect it from the battery and also unplug my Edge CTS and for about a week it started every time and then one day when I needed to leave work early with them disconnected it would not start.  This has been going on for 5 months now with the random not starting I have a jump box that will start the truck every time.  The latest now working feature is the light sensor on the dash was lit up red!!!  And today even when it was jump started I would have to tune the radio, the presets would not work but now the radio is totally quite, with the volume turned all the way up it has no static?  I can use apps and it will play, the turn signals click the seat belt alarm goes off, I can blue tooth my phone and it plays?  I'm at a loss and the Tech can only say "I've never seen this before"  MAY DAY MAYDAT!!!!


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That red light is part of the anti theft system that activates whenever you lock the truck. It does disable the radio and other ckts. It is activated when the truck is unlocked with something other than the key or fob. Sounds like that may be your problem, not the air ride.

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I finally think the problem is fixes!!!!  Two weeks ago, I noticed a strange smell in the cab, I looked around and saw a cattle feed lot and thought oh thats the smell.  I went on down the road and stopped to shop at a Home Depot and I noticed the smell outside the truck and no feed lot.  Couple days later drove the truck and had to walk in front of it and noticed smoke coming from underneath the hood, popped the hood and the battery was smoking!!!!  Replaced both battries again ( This time on GM's dime)  and it has started everytime I wanted it to!!!  :jester:

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