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I have a 2017 chevy 2500 hd with the 6.0 gas. Ill be pulling a toy hauler with it. Wondering if there is any GOOD input on a tuner that will improve performance while towing, and maybe improve mileage while daily driving.

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I have the GMC version of your truck, 2017 2500HD 6.0 gas.


I tow a 30ish foot travel trailer camper with a 4 wheeler in the truck bed so I’d like to pep it up when towing too.


I have the extended 100,000 mile warranty so haven’t really messed with it yet. My initial thought was cold air intake, exhaust and a Blackbear tune but now I’m thinking stage 2 cam when it hits 100,000 miles.

Probably exhaust too. That should wake it up.


Summit racing and lots of other sites have build guides on the L96 engine, google and YouTube are your friends here to get some solid ideas.



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Tuning will not necessarily get you better economy. Only way is if you did tune for it and then drove it to save money.   Most that get a tune love the performance and the mpg go down because they enjoy driving it. 


Black Bear Performance, a sponsor on here can help out.  Might want to contact them. 

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I have a 2015 2500HD 6.0 gasser.  I bought a Diablo tuner and used a stock tune and added a pedal box.  That helped a little but not worth the money.  Then I had diablew do a custom tune for me and that really lit up the truck.  I had him do a 92 octane tune.  Not towing the truck is how I would have expected it to be from the factory.  It improved gas mileage just a skosh.  I went from 11.5 mpg with mixed driving to 12.5.  I asked diablew to maximize towing performance, so not sure what he did, but it wasn't maximize mpg.


The towing performance is better.  I haven't towed enough to know for sure.  I am pulling an 11,000 lbs 5er.  

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I use the Edge CS2 for gas. I went into not expecting lots, and was ok to see only minimal gains. 


This unit has far exceeded my expectations. I have been towing with it on only the stage one program, and still using regular gas. To say it's a night and day difference is an understatement. The removal of the majority of torque management, especially in the one, two shifts , is a game changer from a dead stop. 


Unloaded, milage has picked up. 

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