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3.0L oil burner not available for now ?

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Just saw a short update on YouTube the diesel is being placed on hold for now until they figure out their supplier issues. Kind of sucks especially now you can get the engine with the TB. Hopefully it’s temporary. Maybe NewDude can chime in with more info  :) 

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I ordered an AT4 on 08/19/2021 with my dealer that received an allocation and will be a 2022 Limited.  I was concerned so I reached out to him and he said that my production week has been slotted as 10/11/2021.  I am not holding my breath on this one given the news but the fact that it is scheduled at least is a glimmer of hope.  

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And now the news from the GM Authority (another news/forum website -- not an official a GM media source) is that the LM2 won't be built for the balance of the calendar year...


OTOH, it still shows as available (for GMC and Chev 1500 pickups and for GMC, Chev and Cadillac suv's) on the GM order guide website.

Typically when stuff becomes unavailable for long periods that info ends up in the order guide...



Anybody work at Flint engine and have better info?


It'll be interesting to see what we learn when the dust clears.

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