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Routing wiring for front offroad lights on 2022 Chevy 2500HD

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I'm moving all my KC offroad lights from my 2012 Silverado 1500 to my new 2022 Silverado 2500HD (driving lights, foglights, etc.).  I have a Ranch Hand grill guard on the 2500.  I installed all the light mounts on the grill guard and am ready to run the wiring up to the drivers side of the engine bay to my switch panel.  Then....I did a visual inspection and was bummed.  First issue to deal with is keeping the wiring away from the grill shutters.  Second issue...I can't see any path to get the wiring into the engine bay either at the bottom or top of the grill.  Chevy seems so concerned about air flow that there aren't any gaps I could see for routing wiring.  Doesn't help that I have the Z71 package so more closed areas underneath.  Looking for some expert help.  Also, I'm guessing those two grommets on the left and right firewall are the only way to get wiring into the cab?  Doesn't look like can can get much wiring or connectors to slide in those rubber nipples on the grommets.  Seems each Silverado generation gets harder and harder to modify.  Thanks.

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I wish my ordered truck would show up and I'd look under it to see.  Can you run the frame rail and pop up through a grommet on the floor?

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I only have my 6 gang switch panel power and control box wire going thru that main wire harness. Close to the steering column.  A bear to get thru there i had to very slowly make a hole using a small drill bit and a larger Flathead. The fire wall grommet is separate from the under the dash grommet. It's possible just a lot of  bending . To get yourself down in there and under the dash.


There is also a rubber grommet just under the driver side carpet. That my amp step power wires run thru you could possibly enter thru there. And run across to the seal plate cable tray and up and under the dash. Certainly easier than the firewall grommet.


As far as the wires up front yea its tight a lot tighter than the 14 to 18 trucks. Almost have to go down by the driver side headlight and come back up from the bottom to the bumper. practically skipping the entire shutter and radiator area.

I even noticed there is a separate bottom baby shutter system. Where the transmission cooler or oil cooler sit in between the tow hooks and fog lights.  


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I don't think upfitter switches would address the issue of routing wires through the grill area as they are installed in the dash. I ran my horn wires through the driver side by the headlights and came back around as mentioned by Leem.

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