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Engine swap

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I know I might get some flack for this but here it goes. I am thinking about taking out my 8.1 and swapping it for a 5.3. Just wondering if the wiring, or computers need to be changed. I’m mainly considering doing this because of fuel mileage and needing to find an oil leak that might be causing the engine to knock really bad. Any info that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. 

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Why would an oil leak cause the engine to knock?

You won't like the 5.3 if you ever try to tow anything.

Just how can you justify the expense? How many YEARS of ga$ $aving$ will the 5.3 $$$wap have over just keeping the 8.1? That's an expensive swap.

If you're able to swap the 8.1 for a 5.3 and handle the technical issues, why can't you just coax more fuel mileage from the 8.1?

A smaller engine will have to work harder than a large engine, so the 5.3 mileage won't be nearly what you expect.


Get a good programmer and adjust the parameters until your 8.1 mileage gets better.

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Just to follow up with your original idea, you need the engine, transmission, transfer case, wiring harnesses at least for the engine, transmission, and to the bcm (unless you like diffing the wiring diagram and repinning/wiring stuff, ecm at least, custom fab a driveshaft, possibly the front one as well, instrument panel (it's programmed different between gas and diesel), if the two trucks have different option packages, that is more work to either transplant or get it going.


And that's it you transplant in the 6.0/4l80e




Oh yeah, I believe the radiator, shrouds and metal piece (forget the name of it) that goes across the front of the truck holding the radiator are all different as well.

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6.0 would be a great idea. I would do that. Skip the programmer though, you are not going to get any real mileage out of it.


@davester This is a gasser to gasser swap not a diesel to gasser swap. Half that stuff you just brought up does not need to be touched at all lol

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51 minutes ago, davester said:

ok, you don't need to do the engine harness, bcm, ip.  Still need to change all the driveline parts, and rewiring the transmission harness.

Are you talking all driveline part, ie: differentials and rear axle?

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From brief googling, it should bolt up to the allison, so that would cut down a lot of work.  You'd have to sort out flexplate/starter/engine mounts and then clearance around the front of the engine (as the engine is a little shorter, you still want the fan in the shroud to pull air through the radiators).  And you may want to regear it as the 6.0 will be happier with 4.10's vs I think the 8.1 normally gets 3.73.

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On 8/9/2022 at 9:39 PM, davester said:

The 8.1 comes with an Allison.  You don't need to replace the front/rear diff, but the driveshaft will be a different length and you probably would need some adapter u-joints.

Not all 8.1s came with an Allison. The did come with a 4L80 as well.


The Allison has it's own TCM, trying to tie that into the PCM may be tricky

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