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What is the next radio upgrade I can do? Looks like my truck came in with factory installed IOR and I want to update it to the next available option without the navigation system. Wireless CarPlay perhaps. Maybe be able to add trailering option in the future? Any help highly appreciated, thank you



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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to say upgradng an IOR radiio is extremely difficult if not impossible. Everything in your truck is designed for IOR not IOS or any other radio. I have heard and read about others who have upgraded and they spent alot of money and lost some funtionality form the sound system. You could research this forum for more details or try White Automotive Services.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/19/2023 at 7:19 AM, silveradosid said:

last time i talked to Chris at wams, they are not working on an update

Correct as of this time there is no way to upgrade the IOR to anything that will function as if it were factory so we are not offering anything.

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I think the OP was in luck as his photos showed Onstar as a menu option in his truck.  The key is whether or not you have Onstar (Option Code UE1) in your truck.  Some IOR trucks indeed also include Onstar.  Read on…


Jumping in to update with the info I got yesterday from Infotainment.com.  They are sending me their fog light retrofit kit with a OBD Genie to code it in for me.  However, although my truck has the IOR 7” audio, it does not have the UE1 onstar option code (as I believe the OP’s truck had based on his photos).  So that means that unless your IOR radio shows you Onstar as a choice on your Home Screen - unlike my truck - you cannot simply upgrade up to IOS or IOT.  We also cannot simply swap out the ACM to add SiriusXM.  But, for SXM I found a Vais Technology GSR-GM03 Adapter, sold online by Crutchfield for $289.  




This unit allows you to use a SiriusXM SXV300 tuner and feed it into your USB inputs for the truck.  I’m sure the interface is a bit of a kludge as it will appear in your list of sources as an iPod.  However, I think it’s worth a try considering Crutchfield’s generous 60-day return policy.  Of course, the 7” IOR has plug-in CarPlay so that is a great solution already.  I plan to upgrade the speakers and loop in my AudioControl D-6.1200 DSP amp and a behind-the-seat subwoofer to achieve a respectable sound in this work truck.


Chirs White and I have already exchanged notes about putting in a High Country cluster, programmed with extra functions and with HUD support.  I have a used black leather steering wheel coming that will provide me with audio controls once I connect it up using a “Harness Dr.” harness that WAMS recommends.  HUD?  Yes, it seems that folks have retrofitted HUDs into these low trim level “work trucks.”  Last year  I did the same thing to a 2021 Camaro LT1 with the help of WAMS as well.  


These retrofits are fun!  

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