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High Oil Pressure / Misfire

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HawaiianRR: Brilliant!

OK, you may have convinced me to do this job. At least I may pull out the lifter(s) and inspect.

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Just now, Bentley said:

HawaiianRR: Can you tell me how you inspected your cam? 

I’m definitely not a mechanic, but I have lots of the necessary tools to work on cars. Follow some yt videos and you’ll be fine. 
I took out the lifters and you can see into the hole where the lifters are and I used a scope camera to get a better look if there was scoring. Plus the broken lifter I took out, that roller was not damaged. 

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1 hour ago, Bentley said:

HawaiianRR: I think you've convinced me not to swap motors right away. Keep me updated on how it goes. Thx.

For sure. I’d definitely check to see how your lifter and camshaft is first.
Today I ordered about $600 worth of GM OEM parts to go back in.  Hopefully it all works as it should, if so, I’ll be happy with less than a grand to get this thing back on the road. If it happens again, maybe ill considered parting this ****** out or go try and cross a deep creek lol

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