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700R4 shift problems

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I had the day off, so I finally got around to changing the torque converter lockup switch on my pickup today. Since I had to take the pan off, I decided to go ahead and change to synthetic ATF and change the filter. Everything went fine, or so I thought.

I tried to drive off to warm the fluid up so I could check it, and had reverse but it wouldn't shift out of first. Started back towards home, and it finally shifted into second when I went over 2000rpm and then it slammed into gear. At home I checked the fluid, and it was ok. Decided to drive around some more, and shifted into the higher gear at 2000rpm to matter if I was just putting along or full throttle.

The more I drove, the better it shifted into 3 and 4 gear. It was going into these gears smoothly, and at just a slightly higher RPM then usual. But the 1-2 shift still takes place at 2000rpm and is still a little rough.

Any ideas?

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Well, I will follow this post up just in case anybody cares.

Got up this morning and check the computer for any trouble codes and found none.  Started the truck, let in warm up for a bit, and checked the fluid again.  It checked out ok.  Took off down the road, and it was shifting bad like the night before.  I got on an open road and the transmission into 3rd gear.  I then stomped the throttle to the floor and got a crisp double downshift.  The transmission now shifts just like new.  Apparently the TV cable had lost its adjustment while I was working on the transmission.

(Edited by Kansas Kid at 12:09 pm on May 19, 2001)

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Yep, she is fixed now Mervz.  Shifts just like a brand new transmission, so I'm happy now.

btw, I was getting some strange looks when I would take off from a stop slowly and still almost spin the tires at the 1-2 shift.  LOL

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