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Miami Vice

Elwood 2000

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The new movie is due out July 28th. It is not a carbon copy of the 80's TV show, but the same "characters" in todays world. Michael Mann is the "pooba" on this one, just like the show. Colin Farrel plays Crockett, Jamie Foxx plays Tubbs. Not my first choices, but both can act, so we will see. I can't wait personally. Michael Mann has not had a bad movie in a very long time and a movie like this is right up his alley! A solid story with good characters should make for a good show!


I am a huge fan of the series too, but this will hopefully be a fresh and new Miami Vice.


Miami Vice web site - clicky-clicky

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When I think back on that show and all the cameos they had, heck it was better than 90210 with some of the acts they had at the Peach Pit :lol:





Man, they even made bald-headed-baby-faced Phil Collins into a bad guy.


That show was awesome...For it's time. I doubt the movie will be worth much artistically.


So it better have a lot of T ~N~ A :D

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Guest chevydeerhunter
What a tough room!!!


I think Michael Mann will do a good job. If it were anyone else but him, I would be very disappointed. I hope I am not let down.





I think they should use unknown actors. I keep thinking about all the turds Colin Ferrel's been in(The Recruit, Daredevil, S.W.A.T.). Besides, I'm sick of old tv shows being the go-to route for movies these days.

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