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K2500HD to a K1500

Beer Belly


I was thinking of trading my '04 2500HD (bought new) for something used to try and lower my payment and cut monthly exspenses....the dealer states that with incentives I could get an '06 1500 for about $100-$150 less than what I pay now....I rarely use the 2500HD for anything heavy (bought it to tow a TT which we are not getting) and figure I could get along with a 1500. My question is.....are there any problems with the '06 1500's ?......is the 5.3 reliable ?....looking for a 3:73 for better towing (we have a Pop Up)....any reccomendations or opinions welcome. Thanks :seeya:

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Thanks for all the input :D .

Mileage is only an issue if you are planning on selling it or have some internal issue with mileage.
.....Yup, that's me....I'm anal about mileage....had a truck once with 113,000 miles on it....once, now it seems like I get rid of them before thier first brake job is done :)
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I hear what you're saying and agree....but if I refinance, by time I'm done paying the truck will have a ton of miles. Not to mention, being it refinanced, it'll probably be at a much higher rate that a new truck.....I think.

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Having a hard time finding a 5.3L with 3:73's....most have 3:42's....how's that for towing 5,000lbs. ?....I found a 1500 6.0L with 3:73's, how much differance (if any) is the MPG from my 2500HD with the same 6.0L but 4:10's..?

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I love my 5.3..... Excellent motor.


I tow snowmobiles with it, in a 4 sled enclosed trailer. no problem.


I had to tow a Mercedes 300 super diesel, from Buffalo,NY. to Boca Raton, Fl. no Problem at all!

At that point it had about 130,000 miles on her. Did not use any oil, and with the mercedes PIG that weighed as much as the truck on a trailer, I was getting about 14-16 MPG :flag:

As a daily driver with some building supplies in the bed (always something, as I just built my own First home!!!! :D )

I have been getting from 18-20 MPG!



I don't think you need the 2500HD unless you are always towing , Or have lots of horses, (or $.... If I could afford gas and a new truck...... 6.0 or 8.1 2500 crew :banghead: )......... hmmmm or :):D


Good day!


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have you thought about refinancing the truck you have, you will probably save the same or more money, and you already know what you have for reliability. It is really easy to refinance your truck with the current lender or your bank normally, and you might even be able to get abetter rate than you originally received. Just a thought, I also have not heard of any real horror stories of the 06's. But you have a more capable truck now, and I'd hate to see you in 2 years needing a bigger rig and kicking yourself for not keeping what you had.....

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Well you have some points in there that are definately valid, you will have a higher mileage truck, and you will end up paying a little bit more in interrest by financing it again over an extended period. BUT, in the long run, you will still be saving $$ as it will be paid off faster at a lesser cost to you. Mileage is only an issue if you are planning on selling it or have some internal issue with mileage. If a vehicle is maintained several hundred thousand can be put on the chassis easily. A motor rebuild is still a lot cheaper than replacement. But if you are looking for an excues to trade it in and get something else, I would not want to be the guy to talk you out of spending your hard earned $$$$$. Just wanted to present another option to you, contact your lender and ask them what they can do for you, maybe they will work something favorable out for you, maybe not, but worth checking out, especially if you are only trying to save a hundred bucks a month........my.02 for you. have a good one, and any 1/2 ton will do the job you are looking for it to do, and the half tons all get about the same mileage with the non BB V8 in them, if you are looking for gas mileage, check out the silverado hybrid, good mileage! Towing capable! Near same price as a fully loaded non hybrid also....... tax savings with the IRS????? Might check that out also.....

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