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6.2L (L9H) Owners - Get all your questions answered here

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I know it is an exhausting topic, but I just could not resist. :thumbs:


I have had a problem deciding on what exhaust system to put on my 09 Tahoe L9H and after looking at everything, my muffler guy said let's try this:


So we cut out the stock muffler and installed a Flowmaster Big Block 50 Series, 3.5 in & 3.5 out with the correct offset.


Welded it in and left the resonator and stock outlet..


I think it sounds great, has a real good rumble to it very much like my 454 Suburban from a few years back with a Gibson on it..


It is loud enough when you get on it and has ZERO drone cruising at 75 MPH or even around town..


So far I have added the AirRaid MIT w/Dry Fllter, Muffler and had it tuned by Nelson Performance in San Antonio..


I like it so much that I sold my 67 SWB and am making this my Geezer Hot Rod.. Plenty of Go and now just need to help the brakes some.


BTW, did a 250 round trip yesterday and averaged 17.8 MPG for the overall trip, mostly highway at 77 and some in town..


If anyone has a solution for Brakes, I would like to hear about it.. Have looked at Wilwood and they are 4K for F&R but they WILL STOP this truck.


Thanks again for this great forum,



Nice! A 6.2 tahoe.


I wonder how may tahoe 6.2s were made? It was for only 2009 and not avail in suburban right?


Does your tahoe have a 2WD/Auto/4WD/4LO selectable transfer case or is it the denali / yukon AWD transfer case?

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Your brake question. Check summit racing or rockauto. I put powerstop drilled and slotted rotors and brake pads package on my 97 and now it stops like it should have from the factory. I even tow a 3k lb non braked trailer and the truck stops that pretty well. Was scary with original brakes.

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So I guess its time to add to the group. I have a GMC reg cab SWB 4X4 that is now sporting the guts and drivetrain from a 2013 Silverado L9H, NHT truck. This is the truck that GM should have built. Its been a bit of a project and not quite done as I'm having a few CEL/Airbag lights but I have good friends with the right equipment to address those issues. Just waiting for the weather to get better. Was able to utilize all of the factory exhaust from the L9H minus the muffler, was a bit too long so I had a local shop put in a Dynomax bullet. Sounds pretty good and not too much louder than stock.



Hell yeah! If you do some 1/4 mile runs definitely let us know the times.

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2009 GMC, to answer your question, there were 620 Tahoe's made with the L9H option in 2009.


I think the problem was that you had to buy the LTZ package to be able to buy the 6.2 engine, so this made it very close to a Denali price..


Second question, I have the same Z71 2 speed transfer case which is great as I am on the highway with it all the time and can drive in 2WD,


Since the exhaust mods, I went with the Baer Eridispeed 15" brakes with the Baer Hybrid pads.. This Tahoe Will Stop!! :thumbs: Added Hotchkis Sway Bars and also put a new set of Goodyear Eagle LS2 V rated tires on as I can easily exceed the rating of the S rated LS2's.. those went on the 14 Tahoe..


Every time I think about doing something else, I just take it out for a drive and find a nice curvy back road and let it all out.. that satisfies my Old Fart Go Fast Itch..


I think it it a keeper as it only has 42,000 miles on her and is a weekend or trip vehicle only..



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The engine code is the 8th digit. Should be "2" if it is the L9H engine.


That's not a bad price considering the mileage. and depending on the condition of the running gear. I looked for over a year to find one with low mileage..


If I sold mine, I would not even consider less than high $30's.. with only 44K miles and all the mods, I don't know if I could replace it for that.. or if I could find one with low mileage. It will never be a DD, just a weekender or for a trip..


Dang sure cannot replace the fun of driving it for that!! and have the comfort-ability that it affords along with the performance..


Now, I am an old fart who raced for about 30 years, NHRA & SCCA, so I have to have something in the stable to get my FIX.. I was losing my mind looking at a Porsche last week, but not comfortable enough for me at my age..


Good luck with your search..



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It is a 6.2 and has the 2 in 8th digit. Too bad the dealer has horrible one star reviews. Looks like my search continues...


Thirdcoast- what color is your tahoe? Is it a big difference in power vs you 07 VORTEC MaX sierra in you signature?


What is your city / hwy mpg in the tahoe?

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Here they are. This picture does not do them justice, almost to nice to put on truck! haha


Narrowed down to hood or top of fender where the chrome z71/4x4 logos are. Since they are not there on a HC I thought that would be a good place.


But looks very sporty on the hood.


Any opinions?




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2009 GMC,


The Vortec Max is a 6.0 with the L92 heads and different cam, 367 HP vs. 300, which makes it run much different than the 6.0 in the 3/4 ton trucks.


I will never get rid of this 07 GMC as it is my workhorse.. I have over 130,000 miles on it and have never done anything other than routine maintenance. Actually just did the 150K bumper to bumper maintenance as I tow a lot with this truck. It rides like a 1/2 ton and works like a 3/4 ton.. has the 4L70 tranny and 14 Bolt Rear Axle, 10.5" ring gear, with 3.73:1 Gears,, Only mods are: Air Raid MIT w/ dry filter; Bilstein 4600 Shocks & Range AFM eliminator..


With all that said, Goldie will eat it's ass in a drag race, cornering, top end and MPG.. :D of course, she cheats with the mods..


Here are a couple of pics,, she looks completely stock until I turn the key..


I have been looking at building a street rod or something, but cannot get away from the Tahoe for overall performance and comfort..


May be the Best "Made In The USA" Grand Touring SUV made in my humble opinion..















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I have a 2011 Silverado 6.2L with nht and when I asked the dealer about front end and rear end and transfer case fluid change they said front and rear use part # 88900401 and transfer case uses auto trac fluid part # 88900402. Does this sound right?

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Here is what the owners manual shows. It is confusing which front axle fluid to use because it shows two different ones.

Front Axle (1500 Series)- Four-Wheel


SAE 80W-90 Axle Lubricant (GM Part No. 89021671, in

Canada 89021672).

Front Axle (1500, 2500 HD, and

3500 HD Series)

SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant (GM Part No. 89021677, in

Canada 89021678).

Rear Axle

SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant (GM Part No. 89021677, in

Canada 89021678).

Transfer Case (Four-Wheel Drive) DEXRON®-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid
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