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Battery replacement on warranty



Went to the dealer for an oil change and a intermittent morning no start problem. After performing the $135 battery test, the tech said that the battery was bad. (3rd one since truck was new). With the first two, the truck had less then 36000 mile so it was still under the bumper to bumper. This last one lasted almost 2 years. So imagine my surprise when I was quoted $302 for a new battery!! I ask about the 6 year warranty that's on the battery and was told that since the prior batteries were replaced on warranty, that warranty expired at 36000 mile/3 years and that I would have to pay for any battery after that time frame!! (Even if it was a week later!!)

So my question to the GM techs out there, is this correct or is this just THIS GMC dealership? Oh, and if it makes any difference, I do have the extended warranty. (which I don't think it covers this)

I'm thinking that if I just pull the battery out and bring it to a deco dealer that they would replace it under warranty.

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So you're saying that deco sells two types of batteries, OEM and store bought?

Something tells me that one is better then the other!

Does the dealer keep two different type batteries, one for the warranty replacement and one for the people who purchase them?

I think not!

I think that I'll go to Sears and get a platinum Die hard, less problems down the road.

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Batteries generally have a pro-rata warranty. So if you are 3 years into the 6 year warranty, you pay half price for the new battery. If the battery fails within the first year, they are generally replaced free of charge. Note that this is the battery warranty I am referring to, not the GM bumper to bumper warranty.


As with most things, when something is replaced under warranty at no cost, the warranty does not start over, it continues on from the original purchase date.


If you pay the "pro-rata" charge, then the warranty starts over again.

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This is several years ago but I had the same experience. My original 6 or 7 year battery that came in the truck leaked out the side post terminal (like they all did) at 38 months. GM said 3Y/36K so not covered regardless it was a 6 year battery. I took the battery to Delco battery dealer and they knew right off it was an OEM original and no warranty. Needless to say I never bought any Delco batteries until the one that came on the 2011.

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