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Lots of noise from g80 one day

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It was raining heavy out and I was trying to get out of this parking lot onto street. Its a busy street. So i have little bit of gas. Rear tires start slipping bad and next thing I hear loud bang etc. Next thing I'm moving. Was this normal g80 sounds or should I take it to the dealer?


Got 31k on truck.

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I dont know about you guys but I never get a big bang or anything like that when mine kicks in. I know mine kicks in when the back end suddenly kicks over when I am driving on ice ive also checked it with a camera to see if it was working and just drove up to a curb with ice and on the back and put it in first let the clutch out with a bit of gas and the back end shifts over a bit and let that go for about 3 seconds . Look at the camera and both tires where spinning with two tire marks on the ice.


I have never had a noise come from the rear end tho.

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I think the sound is normal. Depending on how much traction the other wheel has when it locks, mine sometimes sounds like there should be metal shards flying everywhere. My 2005 sounded the same so I assume it's normal.

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if the one wheel is spinning a lot faster when the g80 engages, it will make a loud bang or slam or whatever. it is healthier for the g80 to be engaged by tapping the gas lightly and spinning the tires at a low speed so the g80 engages then gas it.

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