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GM Perf. Intake on 07 NNBS LY6 6.0 2500HD

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got a GM performance intake kit (p/n 17800809) for my 07 NNBS 2500HD 6.0 LY6 and I dont see how it is going to work.


the perf intake has some sort of rubber tube coming off of it (breather tube maybe?) that i dont see a place to attach, nor do i see anything similar coming from my stock intake tube.


also, as the stock intake tube goes across the top of the motor, on the passenger side of the tube, i have what i think is a PCV valve, which is then running down to the engine, and i see no provision for that on this new perf tube.


any help would be great, as you can tell i'm no mechanic!





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When I did the MIT intake on my 1500 there was a rigid pipe that ran from the factory intake tube to a connection near where the head meets the block. Both were some kind of quick connect. With the tube removed, a rubber hose included with my kit slid over the steel pipe the factory tube hooked to, no longer utilizing the quick connect fittings. Not sure if that is any help as I have no experience on the HDs and don't know how different they are, if at all. Are there no instructions with the kit?

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i got it, real dumb that i didn't realize it, that isn't a pcv valve, THAT is the breather that the rubber line from the perf tube replaces.


needed to disconnect it from the stock tube AND down at the valve cover, then attach the rubber line from the perf tube down onto the valve cover!


i was too tired when i looked at it the first time!!!


and no, i got it off the forum with no instructions

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