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2010 silverado bcm issue?

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First off, forgive me if there is an electrical sub forum that I didn't find before I posted this. Anyway, I just purchased my truck Tuesday (2010 silverado ltz w/6.2l motor 108k miles) and I've put 300 miles on it, driving it home and than to work last night. I get in it this morning to head home and put the key in the ignition and turn it over and nothing. No starter click, no engine noise. I had plenty of power head lights and dome lights were bright, radio worked, Windows and locks worked. I did however notice a service 4wd message, traction control light, abs light and cel on the dash as well as the indicator of PRDM was not appearing either. I did a little bit of reading waiting for a ride home and found little to no info but ran across some things about the BCM perhaps may have lost memory. Has anyone else had any similar problems? Maybe someone could give me some ideas before I call the dealership today before I head back to work this afternoon. Any and all info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I got to work early and messed with the truck, for s&g's I tapped on the starter while another guy tried starting the truck. It fired and ran about 5 secs and died. I did it again and the same thing. Tried it a 3Rd time and the truck fired and ran for the better part of 30 minutes until I got a truck and trailer here to pull it on to. While waiting game for them I sat in the truck and the dash lights were still on, and the only gauge that worked was the volt gauge and it seemed like the truck was in limp mode of sorts. When I get home in the morning I'm gonna pull the starter and have it tested, but I don't think it's it. Maybe when I was banging on it I rattled something else? Maybe the Park neutral switch on the trans? Maybe it is a ground somewhere but I looked and checked all the wires I could and couldn't find anything that stood out.

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Check grounds as said above.


Since you are having issues with the gauge cluster the BCM could be suspect.


If the neutral safety switch was bad you would not have been able to start it at all. Look at the PRNDL to confirm shifter location is reading.


I would read codes before getting to far and report back with that.


I see BCM failure in the NBS trucks 10 to 1 vs 03 to 07 classic.


Are you getting fuel? If not check the fuel pump flow control module for operation if equipped.

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Thanks for all the replies fellas. I was messing around with it Saturday before I was gonna take it to my buddies shop and hook it up to a scanner. I previously had checked all the battery connections and ground connections, but this time he had me pull the cables off the battery again but this time hold the positive and negative cables together for a few minutes and I put it back together and it started and ran fine. I drove it all day Saturday and Sunday and it hasn't acted up again. I dk if it was a fluke or if it will act up again. Time will tell i guess. Again thanks for the feed back.

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