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I know I'm probably dating myself here, but I can't stand not having a CB in my vehicles.  Offroading it's really a necessity, and on roadtrips it's great.  Plus I like the NOAA weather for when I'm on the way to the fishing hole.  


Anyway- Here's my setup for my T1 as of now.  

I wanted a simple all in one unit this time around because the install was unobtrusive and reversible.  I may go with a full size unit in the future but this Uniden CMX760 will work just fine.  The CB "Brain" is hidden behind the panel on the center console.  It's just a piece of plastic with some toolbox liner material glued to it, lol.  It looks and feels good though!  Ha!

The antenna is a Firestick 3' ('Merica, Baby!) with a spring.  I have a quick disconnect but it's not solid enough so the antenna constantly makes noise while moving.  It's easy enough to just unscrew it with the spring though.  


Here are the pics! 























Post up yours too...

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