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Shopping For A Lightly Used Vehicle? Here Are Some Great GM Model Values From 2016

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

If you are searching for a great value on a lightly used vehicle, iSeeCars.com has some suggestions. The group evaluated about 5 million used car transactions of three-year-old, 2016 MY vehicles to see which had the highest discount off of their new car price. Many GM models make the list. Here's a quick look at the models with the highest depreciation.


iseecars best used under $20K.png


Graduates take note: In the under $20K category, the Chevy Impala is hard to ignore. With a three-year-old average price of just $14,745 it is a LOT of car for the money. Its 50% depreciation rate over three years is way ahead of the average of about 34%.


Those graduates headed into higher-paying new jobs may want to consider the Cadillac CTS. With an average price of just $26,785, it is a luxury car on a budget. The XTS is about the same price, but not eactly a graduate's dream car. However, it is perfect for those looking for an Uber vehicle or airport limo for their fleet. 


The $26K Buick Enclave also makes iSeeCars family vehicle list. With a depreciation of 48% it is about 10% ahead of the pack. In the truck category, the best deal may be the GMC Sierra. With an average 3-year-old price of $33K it is a value that is hard to ignore. 


See the full report from iSeeCars here.


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The 14 and up Impala is a great riding car.

Fun and comfy road trip car, no doubt about it.

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I wouldn't consider a Cadillac CTS, too many expensive parts that can break. I had an Audi that I owned since it was new. Right when it passed the 50k mile warranty period, it required a $2,800 repair bill. I hear the same thing from people buying used German cars and getting hit with $7,000 transmission jobs. How pointless, now that I realize how overrated German cars are, I'm sticking with American pick-up trucks.


I prefer stability and of the cars in the list, I'd probably pick the Chevrolet Impala even if I graduated and was headed into higher-paying jobs. It's nice, it's robust, and it is comfortable! It is also very reliable compared to the others on the list. You can't even get Android Auto in 2018 BMWs!


If I were to be buying a truck, I would not consider a used one especially with Ford or Chevy. My 2012 F-150 was $10k off and my 4-year depreciation was 17% (MSRP at $39k, bought for $29k, and traded in for $24k). My 2016 F-150's 3-year depreciation was 20% which was worse than the 2012's 4-year at 17%. I believe the 2019 Chevy Silverado RST I have now will depreciate less than my 2016 F-150 though.


If there were no incentives, then I might buy used, but $10k to $13k incentives have been going on for at least five years. Buying new and having warranty means no unexpected repair costs and I'm up to date with technology. I am happy with this arrangement.

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I was very pleased with my old school 2013 Impala.  Beginning in 2012 GM put in the 3.6L direct injection 305 HP engine, mated to a 6 speed auto and that turned an otherwise boring rental car into something with some ummph.  It was fun to drive.  Sadly Chevy really screwed the pooch on the redesigned 2014 model.  A fun car to look at from the front, a great interior, but a boring and silly looking ass end.   GM sold more of the 2012 and 2013s (yes to lots of fleets, but also private party) vs what they were able to sell for the 2014-2018 model years, and the sales are practically 0 now for the 2019 and the model is history after this year.  It's really a shame.  They had a great promising powertrain.  The Malibu is still selling somewhat...

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