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Airbags for 2020 2500HD AT4

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Has anyone found a solution for airbag suspension for the 2020's? I just bought a 2020 2500HD AT4.  I want to install air lift 7500XL air bags for an upcoming trip with my big enclosed trailer. I am told by airlift it may be at least another month if not longer before they "could" have something available? I don't really want to wait that long. Anyone aware of some other similar solution that is available? I want bags and the digital control with onboard compressor.


I am thinking about buying the kit for the 2019's and making it work. They really don't look very different at all when you look at the rear frame. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I think they are out now. I see them listed on sdtruck springs website. I don't see them listed on airlift's website yet though. When I search for the part numbers sdtruck has listed on airlift's website they don't come up. So I'm going to wait a bit longer. I think firestone has a kit out too.


On a side note, I had them on my 2015 and I loved them, except for the wiring being jumped off a fuse. It looks like some of the systems now are direct battery wired. That makes me happy ?

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I have a 2020 GMC Denali 2500HD for which I was attempting to order a set of the Firestone air bags (Ride Rite #2613) from SDTruckSprings, and was told 4 days after they accepted my order and my money, that they were not in stock and wouldn't be available until January 6th, 2020.  And the Firestone Xtreme Duty F3 Wireless compressor system (#2592)  I had ordered wouldn't be available until June of 2020!  Even while knowing this, their website is still showing these items will ship within 3 days.....Not cool!  There was nothing on the SDTruckSpring's web site indicating these items were not yet available....After 2 weeks I am still trying to get a credit back on this purchase.  If you do locate something available and in stock for the 2020, would you please post the location information?  Thanks in advance.

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On 1/14/2020 at 10:38 PM, hotairgypsy said:

just installed this kit on my truck...does well

How do you like yours? What setting do you use empty. I can’t seem to notice any difference from 5-20psi unloaded. Seems these new trucks are so damn stiff with better 10ply tires I don’t notice any change with the airbags. What’s your take

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